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About Patricia Ladis

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Patricia Ladis, PT, CBBA is a licensed physical therapist, behavioral breathing analyst and expert at getting to the root cause of one's pain or performance issues to resolve them for good.  She has optimized function and athletic heights in numerous professional athletes, tennis pro's, dancers and Olympians.  She is the author of Wise Woman’s Guide to Your Healthiest Pregnancy & Birth. Founder of WiseBody Physical Therapy, Patricia previously co-founded the KIMA Center for Physiotherapy & Wellness, one of New York City’s most highly regarded PT and wellness centers. Patricia also chairs the “The First 1000 Days” initiative for the Global Wellness Institute.

Patricia uses cutting edge tools like real-time ultrasound to image muscles to retrain them optimally, she reworks the core, and also may utilize biofeedback tools or whole body vibration to get optimal movement strategies.  Patricia's methodology includes specialized biomechanical analysis, hands on manual orthopedic PT to get to the ROOT CAUSE of someone’s pain/ailments/inefficient mechanics in a holistic way.  Patricia works with professional dancers, professional tennis players, Olympians, collegiate and junior athletes. She has been an on-site physical therapist for The Rockettes and various Broadway shows including The Producers, Lion King and Movin’ Out. She was also a PT for American Ballet Theatre and prestigious ballet and modern dance companies such as Alvin Ailey, Cedar Lake Ensemble, Paul Taylor and many more.  She works with tennis professionals and juniors throughout the year at the U.S. Open and beyond. Patricia has worked with various players like Serena & Venus Williams, Mike Bryan and Jenny Brady at various tournaments such as U.S. Open, Wimbledon, Miami Open, Indian Wells and Fed Cup (BJK Cup). She was the U.S. Tennis Team’s Physical Therapist at the Athens 2004 Olympics. Patricia performed Musculoskeletal and Injury Prevention Screenings for the USTA and has screened many up and coming tennis players at the USTA or Olympics Headquarters. Patricia is proud to be part of the HOLOGIC + WTA Women’s Health Task Force to support the female athlete and active females globally.

Patricia has appeared on NBC News and Fox News as commentator on various orthopedic issues including shoulder injury and rehabilitation and back pain.  She has been featured on ESPN during the US Open about player comebacks.  She consulted and is featured in two chapters of Avery's, The New Rules of Running.  In addition, she consulted on the book Golf RX and appears in the DVD accompaniment to Dr. Vijay Vad’s Back RX. She has been featured on numerous podcasts, and published in FORBES, VOGUE, Men’s Health and Ladies’ Home Journal in articles on lower back pain, hip pain and performance.


Patricia is certified in Kinetic Control’s Performance Matrix Screen (TPM) and is working toward her Visceral Manipulation Certification.  She is certified in the Integrative Systems Model (Diane Lee, LJ Lee) (for root-cause diagnosis), Peri-natal Mood Disorders (PSI) and is working toward her Visceral Manipulation Certification.  She has international post-graduate certificates focused on orthopedic manual therapy, biomechanical assessment, nerve pain (including neurodynamics), chronic pain, tennis rehab, sports PT, real-time ultrasound neuromuscular re-education, injury prevention, prenatal/postpartum wellness, nutrition and holistic health.

Patricia designed the exercise program for the first ever early-return-to-exercise following cesarean section study with Weil Cornell + HSS (ACTIVE Mom). The pilot study was a success as women who followed her exercise program to restore their core and breathing from 2 weeks – 12 weeks post c-section, had higher scores for overall wellbeing, mental health and lower pain.  The official study is launching in 2024. 

As a former professional dancer, Patricia has knowledge of the body that makes her attentive to detail. She is passionate about prevention and aids individuals to live a pain-free, active lifestyle. Her treatment caters specifically to each patient’s needs. Her specialized skills and positive energy help her patients avoid surgery and return to prior or higher levels of function and activity.


Patricia Ladis and WiseBody are proud to partner with BuDhaGirl, a company focused on mindful glamour that inspires people to turn their routines into rituals, with the new WiseWoman Bangle Set.


Designed to help with creating an intentional and meaningful breastfeeding ritual for mom and baby, this trinity set of gold, silver and rose gold is the perfect accompaniment to your journey to motherhood.  Whether buying for yourself, a friend or family member, BuDhaGirl weightless, soundless bangles make you feel beautiful and will help uplift you during postpartum time. The breastfeeding ritual will help you connect with baby, balance your milk production and help you nourish your baby with confidence... and then you have the perfect bangles to wear anywhere- working out, walking or going out on the town.  Even if you don't plan on breastfeeding, this WiseWoman set will keep you mindful and glamorous during and after pregnancy!

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