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How We Eliminate Pain

At WiseBody Physical Therapy, we tap into the innate wisdom of the body to heal and eliminate pain. Your body has the answers. Let us help you move wisely with fluidity, strength and tensegrity. 


Our practice is centered on the notion that every body deserves the balance and strength needed to accomplish physical goals with grace and ease. Whether that means playing a game of catch in the backyard, completing your first triathlon, taking your tennis game to the next level, or even wearing your favorite high heels again, the WiseBody team is here to help.


During your initial evaluation, a highly qualified physical therapist from our team will begin by listening to you to understand the history of your problem. You will be asked about your past medical and injury history and your future wellness goals. The therapist will then assess your posture, movement, gait, joint motion and strength to identify faulty patterns that are causing or perpetuating your pain. Once the therapist has identified the source and cause of your pain, you will be given specific strategies to eliminate it. Some of these may involve changing your posture or movement behavior, others may involve specific relaxation techniques (massage, breathing) or strengthening exercises. 


In one-on-one 45 minute treatments, you will receive hands-on manual therapy in a private treatment room. Our therapists will help to re-align and mobilize your joints and release restrictions that are contributing to your pain. You will be trained by your therapist to perform strengthening and stabilizing exercises efficiently to support the manual therapy changes, and then asked to repeat some at home on your own. 

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Diagnoses We Treat

Neck Pain 

• Cervical Radiculopathy

• Herniated Disc

• Facet Dysfunction

• Acute Wry Neck

• Stenosis

• Arthritis

• Whiplash

• Sprain/Strain

• Muscle TensionHeadaches (Cerviocogenic)

• TMJ Dysfunction

Shoulder and Upper Extremity Pain

• Rotator Cuff related injuries

• Tendinitis

• Bursitis

• Instability/Dislocation

• Tears

• Post-op

• Elbow Strain/Pain

• Tennis Elbow

• Golfer’s Elbow

• Carpal Tunnel

• Frozen Shoulder

Back Pain 

• Lumbar Radiculopathy

• Sciatica

• Herniated Disc

• Facet Dysfunction

• Muscle Spasm/Tension

• Sprain/Strain

• Stenosis

• Instability/Spondylolisthesis

• Arthritis

• Degenerative Disc/Joint Disease

• Sacroiliac Dysfunction

• Pregnancy Related Back Pain

• Thoracic Spine Pain

• Rib Dysfunction

• Post-op

Hip Pain 

• Labral Tear

• Impingement

• Instability

• ITB Syndrome

• Bursitis

• Arthritis

• Post-op Total Joint Replacement

• Hip Resurfacing Surgery

• Groin Strains

• Athletic Pubalgia

Pelvic Pain

• Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Pre and Postpartum

   Health Disorders of the Bowel/Bladder

• Urinary Incontinence

• Rectal Incontinence

• Levator Ani Syndrome

• Vaginismus

• Vulvodynia

• Nonbacterial Prostatitis

• Pudendal Neuralgia

• Coccydynia

• Post Surgical (Caesarean Section, Hernia,

   Hysterectomy, Episiotomy, Laparoscopy)

Knee Pain

• Patellar Tendonitis/Bursitis

• Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

• Meniscus Tears

• Arthritis

• Sprains/Strains

• Ligament Injuries (ACL/MCL/PCL/LCL)

• ITB Tendonitis/Syndrome

Foot/Ankle Pain

• Ankle Sprains Plantar Fasciitis

• Impingement

• Alignment issues

• Anterior Compartment Syndrome

• Arthritis

• Bunion, Toe Misalignment

• Post-fracture

• 1st Metatarsal Problems

• Peroneal Tendonitis

• Sever’s Disease (heel pain)

Behavioral Breathing

At WiseBody Physical Therapy we understand that breathing and its potential impact on our lives - both positive and negative - are enormous. When respiration is compromised by breathing habits it may contribute to or cause a wide variety of emotional, cognitive, behavioral or physical changes such as anxiety, anger, poor focus, learning difficulties, pain, asthma, etc. This can have a serious impact on both health and performance.


Behavioral Breathing Analysis

When we are in chronic pain (pain that lasts longer than 4 weeks), we may have an adaptive breathing pattern that becomes connected with that pain. After pain is resolved and eliminated, if the breathing habit isn’t resolved, one may have a relapse in pain simply because the poor breathing habit wasn’t resolved. The poor breathing habit is linked to the brain outputting pain so it is imperative that we resolve any breathing issues before discharge from PT. 


Patricia Ladis is a Certified Behavioral Breathing Analyst and member of the Breathing Science Network, helping people with chronic pain or breathing dysfunctions, including pregnant and postpartum women, reach an optimal chemical axis for a balanced internal and physical state. In an assessment session she works with patients using educational capnography instrumentation to evaluate breathing behavior and collect relevant data to recommend the steps necessary to help find and overcome dysfunctional breathing habits. This includes improving the breathing mechanics and respiratory chemistry. Capnography has helped many patients with chronic pain finally resolve their pain, pregnant and postpartum women feel less nausea/fatigue/anxiety and aided athletes in elevating their performance and endurance.

Book your appointment for a remote session for capnography at: or call us for an in-person appointment at 212-686-3101.


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