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Patricia Ladis and WiseBody are proud to partner with BuDhaGirl, a company focused on mindful glamour that inspires people to turn their routines into  rituals, with the new WiseWoman Bangle Set.


Designed to help with creating an intentional and meaningful breastfeeding ritual for mom and baby, this trinity set of gold, silver and rose gold is the perfect accompaniment to your journey to motherhood.  Whether buying for yourself, a friend or family member, BuDhaGirl weightless, soundless bangles make you feel beautiful and will help uplift you during postpartum time. The breastfeeding ritual will help you connect with baby, balance your milk production and help you nourish your baby with confidence... and then you have the perfect bangles to wear anywhere- working out, walking or going out on the town.  Even if you don't plan on breastfeeding, this WiseWoman set will keep you mindful and glamorous during and after pregnancy!


Your Mindful Glamour Ritual:

Pause. Breathe. Begin by wearing your AWB on your left wrist as youstart to breastfeed with your left breast. Stay mindful, connect with your child, linger in gratitude. Finish the feed on your right breast. When it is time for the next feed, find your AWB on your wrist and they will remind you on which breast you started last. Then move your AWB to your right wrist and begin feeding on the right. Repeat your AWB move at each feeding. This ritual will ensure proper technique and enhance bonding moments.

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