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Restoring Fluidity to the Body on Court

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Having treated professional men and women ranked in the top 10 such as Serena & Venus Williams, Jenny Brady and Mike Bryan as well as top collegiate players + rising junior tennis stars, Patricia Ladis has helped players come back from serious injuries, avoid surgery and vastly improve their game. Since 2002, Patricia has served the tennis community, working as a therapist at the U.S. Open, Wimbledon and the Fed Cup, and as the U.S. Tennis Team’s Physical Therapist for the Athens 2004 Olympics.

With a conservative and holistic approach, Patricia and the WiseBody Physical Therapy team treat tennis players of all abilities and levels, especially those suffering from common sport-related injuries including spinal stress fractures, shoulder issues, foot and ankle issues, as well as back and hip pain. 

The initial biomechanical exam includes:

• Posture tests

• Motor control tests

• Assessment of where the body is/is not moving well and controlling movement

• Evaluation of how strong the stabilizers and de-accelerators of the body are

• On-court biomechanical analysis


The WiseBody team then focuses on individualizing a player’s cross-training program to heighten their assets, lower their injury risk, and optimize their performance on the court. The goal is to get to the root cause of why a player is having pain or injury or repetitive injuries.  Outside of a traumatic event, we get injured when something in the body is not supported enough or a joint/movement restriction is being compensated for. The team then develops a course of action to bring back the fluidity and ease needed to last longer on the court and execute a winning game.

“Patricia saved my career! Her knowledge and expertise helped me get rid of my chronic hip pain and prevent a hip surgery that most doctors told me I wouldn’t be able to continue without. She is the reason why I am still playing high level tennis today!” 

Mike Bryan, professional tennis player, #1 doubles champion, multiple Grand Slam titles 

WTA x Hologic Women's Health Task Force


WiseBody founder, Patricia Ladis, PT, CBBA, joins the first ever TASK FORCE for WOMEN'S HEALTH for Hologic x WTA (Women's Tennis Association). She joins a wide range of international experts, researchers, and medical practitioners, to help support the short-term and long-term health of the female athlete.  The hope is to create guidelines of all things women's health (performance, breast + bone health, pregnancy, postpartum return to sport, etc) for the elite/professional female athlete and active women globally. Stay abreast of all the latest by following Patricia's Instagram Page: @patricialadis

Srugo Tennis Academy Injury Prevention & Movement Training

Washington Post Dance Critic Sarah L. Kaufman is not the first to compare tennis legend Roger Federer to the great classical dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov, but her description of Federer’s physical grace may be the most eloquent:


“That light, fluid footwork, the great coil in his midsection at the start of his stroke, the way he transfers his weight as if there’s no weight, only air and rhythm, his staccato steps and lingering leaps, and the lag in speed between his racket and his wrist,” Kaufman wrote in 2019. 


Drawing on her own background as a professional dancer, Patricia Ladis and WiseBody Physical Therapy have partnered with Srugo Tennis Academy to create a brand new program with the goal of developing more players that move with the nimble ease of Federer. Having completed injury prevention screenings and consultations with USTA Player Development in NY, FL and at the Olympics Headquarters from 2011-2013, Patricia has positively impacted the trajectory of young athletes as they transitioned to their professional career in tennis. 


For the first time ever, the Srugo Tennis Academy is putting an emphasis on movement quality and control to elevate their players’ game and career longevity. Through a personalized combination of cross training and dance, Ladis is helping these young athletes increase their fluidity, decrease injury risk and manage imbalances that arise as their bodies continue to grow and develop. This integration of movement has always been at the core of Patricia’s practice, and is now being applied at the grassroots level within the tennis community. 

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