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The First 1000 Days Initiative

In response to the need for more understanding about the importance of healthy lifestyle practices during preconception, pregnancy and early childhood, the nonprofit Global Wellness Institute™ (GWI) launched The First 1000 Days initiative in 2018. As the Chair of this initiative,  Patricia Ladis - in collaboration with Dr. Sergio Pecorelli, Alina Hernandez, Dr. Elissa Epel (The Telomere Effect), Yamuna USA and other delegates - is working to educate the public as well as wellness and medical industry professionals on the importance of this time period. It has a broader effort to further the prevention of noncommunicable diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and emotional disorders through perinatal and early childhood wellness interventions and guidance.

The First 1000 Days typically refers to 270 days of pregnancy, plus the first two years of a child’s life (730 days). However, new research is looking at the impact of the health and lifestyle of both the mother and the father during the six months (180 days) before a baby is conceived. These periods add up to 1,180 days—and a new approach to exploring the many factors that can determine a child’s future health.

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Patricia is also the co-founder of First 1000 Days of Wellness with world-renowned Dr. Sergio Pecorelli and Alina Hernandez.  First 1000 Days of Wellness is a a global educational platform for practitioners, spas and consumers to promote perinatal wellness and prevent non-communicable diseases in future generations. For First 1000 Days of Wellness information, approved spa's, and medical training info please email or visit

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