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Ballet Dancer

Preventing Injury and Moving Wisely

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At WiseBody Physical Therapy, we utilize whole-body screenings - and a holistic approach - to help athletes and dancers prevent pain, minimize injury risk, reduce mild aches and pains and ultimately prevent injury


As a former professional dancer herself, Patricia Ladis brings a unique perspective to physical therapy. Having trained for countless hours from the age of four until 21, Patricia developed a deep understanding for the body’s capacity to move gracefully. She is keenly aware of the biomechanics, fluidity, strength and alignment of the body needed to compete and train at the highest levels of dance and sport. This insight allows her to effectively address and treat the root cause of a patient’s pain or injury. 


Throughout her career, Patricia has worked as the on-site physical therapist for The Rockettes and various Broadway shows including The Producers, Lion King and Movin’ Out. She was also a physical therapist and educator for American Ballet Theatre and prestigious ballet and modern dance companies such as David Parsons, Cedar Lake Ensemble, Paul Taylor and many more. 


Before a new show opening or national and international tour, Patricia would screen each dancer to ensure they were prepared for the challenges of their respective roles. With cumbersome and weighty costumes, repetitive movements and earlier injuries to consider, she would then develop cross training programs to ensure that they would remain healthy and balanced despite the rigors of the show. In fact, from the inception of a preventive injury program she began for the Rockettes and the famous Christmas Spectacular show, Patricia was able to reduce the dancer’s injury-related workers compensation claims by 85%.

“BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST physical therapist I have EVER EVER EVER found in the WORLD. And I am PICKY. Highly highly recommended. Patricia and her team really know their stuff and are so amazingly talented at fixing up my body, and more importantly teaching me what to do to keep getting better.” 

Jocelyn C.

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