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Our Approach to Preconception, Prenatal and Postpartum Care

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WiseBody Physical Therapy’s Preconception to Postpartum program is very holistic. Therapists  assess and treat the pelvis, abdomen and spine along with the biomechanics of the whole body to give you optimal support throughout the changes of pregnancy.


Preconception Visits 

• Biomechanical evaluation to identify weak links, assets and potential risks

   in areas critical to a healthy pregnancy

• Real-time ultrasound assessment of abdominal muscles

• Preventative screening for preconception to examine: 




         Strength to carry without pain

         Ways prevent pain in postpartum


Prenatal Visits

• Initial evaluation

• Real-time ultrasound assessment of abdominal muscles

• Diastasis assessment

• Pelvic Floor and deep muscle training

• Individualized exercise plan for 3 stages of pregnancy

•​ Behavioral Breathing analysis and training

• Prep for labor and delivery

• Prep for postpartum and baby arrival

Postpartum Visits

• Biomechanical evaluation to optimize pelvic girdle alignment and return

   to pre-baby status or better

• Pelvic floor assessment including incontinence analysis, diastasis evaluation

   and strengthening for proper healing

• Real-time ultrasound assessment focusing on the abdomen

   (Transversus muscle recruitment, post c-section management)

• Behavioral Breathing analysis and training

• Aesthetics: safe and effective belly flattening training

• Body mechanics training to properly care for baby without stressing YOUR body

“Patricia is truly in a league of her own. She frequently finds things that my physicians have overlooked. I have been fortunate to be under her care for over 10 years, including during two pregnancies. She is very adept at analyzing how everything in the body works together and can solve complicated injuries, especially those incurred during pregnancy. She is able to not only treat the primary problem but also the secondary and tertiary effects on the body. It is this micro and macro view that enables her to more effectively treat the patient and ultimately heal them and prevent future problem areas. I would not be pain free if it wasn’t for Patricia. She is the BEST!!!”   

Laura R., mother of 2

WTA x Hologic Women's Health Task Force

WiseBody founder, Patricia Ladis, PT, CBBA, joins the first ever TASK FORCE for WOMEN'S HEALTH for Hologic x WTA (Women's Tennis Association). She joins a wide range of international experts, researchers, and medical practitioners, to help support the short-term and long-term health of the female athlete.  The hope is to create guidelines of all things women's health (performance, breast + bone health, pregnancy, postpartum return to sport, etc) for the elite/professional female athlete and active women globally. Stay abreast of all the latest by following Patricia's Instagram Page: @patricialadis

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